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Mainstays Outdoor Citronella Bucket Candle, 30oz, Multiple Colors


Keep mosquitoes away with the Mainstays Blue Painted Bucket Outdoor Citronella Candle. Citronella oil acts as a natural mosquito repellent, helping you create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space. The classic 7.1-inch painted metal bucket not only looks great on your deck or porch, but is also durable enough to withstand outdoor use. This 30-ounce candle burns for up to 50 hours, and the three wicks illuminate your yard with ample candlelight. The sturdy handle makes it easy to take with you on your next picnic or camping trip, and the plastic lid protects the wax between uses. For best results, place several citronella candles around your patio to create a perimeter against mosquitoes. With its natural repellency and functional design, the Mainstays Blue Painted Bucket Outdoor Citronella Candle will bring dependable comfort to any outdoor space.

  • Repels mosquitoes
  • 30oz wax outdoor candle contains 3% real citronella oil
  • Long-lasting burn up to 50 hours
  • Classic painted metal bucket with blue finish
  • Three wicks produce bright candlelight
  • Durable design prevents tipping
  • Plastic lid protects wax and makes storage easy
  • Includes a sturdy handle for easy transport
  • For best results, place multiple citronella candles around your outdoor space
  • Perfect for any outdoor occasion; for outdoor use only


Active Ingredient: Citronella Oil 3%; Inert Ingredients: Paraffin Wax, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Polyethylene, Hydrogenated Soybean 97%; TOTAL: 100%

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