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Same Day Delivery Now Available - Order by noon!

Equate Non-Stick Pads with Adhesive Tabs, 10 Count


10 sterile* pads
*Sterile unless package is damaged or open

Breathable protection covers wounds without tape
? Ideal for protecting wounds and absorbing fluids
? For minor cuts, scrapes and burns

Adhesive Tabs: gentle adhesive strips hold dressing in place without tape
Non-Stick Film: soft perforated top layer won't stick to wound
Comfortable Absorbent Core: absorbs fluid, protects and cushions wound from further injury

Equate Non-Stick Pads with Adhesive Tabs cushion and protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Covered wounds heal faster than ones left uncovered. These cushioned pads protect and insulate against further injury, have a soft, breathable, perforated top layer that allows air to circulate, and a non-stick film that will not adhere to your wound. Our pads also feature an absorbent core that retains fluids, keeping the injury clean and dry. The easy application adhesive tabs bond quickly to the skin while gently holding the dressing in place. To use, clean the affected area with warm water and mild soap. Apply medication as needed and cover the wound with the peel-off, non-stick pads. For less pain and more healing use Equate Non-Stick Pads with Adhesive Tabs.

  • Non-stick pads with adhesive tabs
  • Soft, breathable, perforated top layer will not stick to wound
  • Absorbent core retains fluids and keeps wound dry
  • Adhesive tabs bond quickly to skin


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