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Eliminator Pantry Moth Trap 2-Pack


Protect your pantry and kitchen from invading moths with Eliminator Pantry Moth Traps.
Ready to use and truly effective, these kitchen and pantry moth traps specially target grain-loving moths that infest flour, pasta, nuts, dry dog and cat food and other dry pantry goods. Using pheromones, these moth traps attract adult male moths before they invade your food, trapping them with an extra-sticky surface that prevents moths from multiplying.
These cardboard traps are safe to use around food handling and food storage areas, when used as directed. With an attractive wood grain patterned surface, the traps also blend seamlessly into food storage and kitchen areas. Each package contains two sticky glue traps with two individually wrapped pheromone lures that last up to three months and cover an area up to 2,500 sq. feet. Don't let moths dine on your food. Eliminator Pantry Moth Traps are a convenient and affordable solution to eliminate your pesky pantry moth problem.

Eliminator Pantry Moth Traps, Moth Killer, 2 Pack
  • Attracts, catches and kills pantry moths and other insects in homes
  • Pesticide-free solution to your pest needs
  • Contains two moth traps and two pheromone lures
  • Safe and effective when used as directed
  • Great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, and offices
  • Safe for use around food handling and food storage areas
  • Traps are effective up to 3 months before replacement
  • Covers up to a 2,500 square foot area
  • Also available in a fruit fly trap and a spider and insect trap


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