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Eliminator Fruit Fly Trap


Keep pesky fruit flies away with the Eliminator Fruit Fly Trap.
Perfect for kitchen countertops, sinks and dining areas around your home, this convenient fruit fly catcher effectively attracts fruit flies and traps them before they gather around your food. Shaped like an apple with a bright red, crystal-like top, this easy-to-use trap is an attractive, discreet method for getting rid of hovering fruit flies. Simply add one tablespoon of water to activate a scent that is irresistible to these irritating pests. Scent vents at the top of the device attract fruit flies while allowing them to enter but not escape. The pesticide-free design makes it perfect to use around fresh produce and lasts up to 40 days. Safe and effective, the Eliminator Fruit Fly Trap is a smart, affordable solution for eliminating any fruit fly problem.

Eliminator Fruit Fly Trap, 40-Day Fruit Fly Solution, 1 Count
  • Attracts and catches fruit flies in homes
  • Pesticide-free solution to your pest needs
  • Contains single fruit fly trap
  • Safe and effective when used a directed
  • Great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, etc.
  • Safe for use around food handling and food storage areas
  • Trap attracts and captures fruit flies with water-activated lure
  • Traps are effective up to 40 days before replacement
  • Add one tablespoon of water to activate all natural scent lure


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USA or Imported