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Same Day Delivery Now Available - Order by noon!
Same Day Delivery Now Available - Order by noon!

Eliminator Fly Swatters with Metal Handle, Set of 2 Fly Swatters


Each Eliminator Fly Swatter is equipped with an extra-long metal wire handle. These fly swatters measure at 20.5" inches long (almost 2 ft long), allowing you to reach even the most difficult areas were mosquitoes, flies, spiders, bugs, moths, wasps, crickets, hornets and all types of pesky flying insects like to hang out. The head of the Eliminator Fly Swatter is also designed with a thin lip, so you can scoop up your kill and throw it in the trash. The Fly swatter head measures 5" x 6" inches and consists of a flexible yet heavy duty plastic material, this design allows you to swat all types of flies, from those small pesky house flys to those large dangerous wasps. Take back your home the safe way, without a poisonous spray or toxins. Hang it around your house or even store it in your pantry using the loop in the handle.

• 2 Pack – Extra-long handle• Large head to swat any size insect• Lightweight & durable design that will not scratch or ruin your surfaces


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