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BUSH'S Country Style Baked Beans, 16 oz Canned Beans


When you want thicker, richer, sweeter baked beans, BUSH'S Country Style Baked Beans are exactly what you need. We slow cook navy beans in a delicious sauce with extra brown sugar and hickory-smoked bacon for a delicious side to any food favorite. Our Baked Beans are made the way you'd make them… If you had the time! Slow-cooked with the plumpest beans and our special blend of spices, BUSH'S Baked Beans are perfect for any occasion.

BUSH'S Country Style Baked Beans, 16 Oz Seasoned with a thick rich sauce made with hickory-smoked bacon and extra brown sugar Slow-cooked tender navy beans in a sweet and smoky sauce Gluten-free and cholesterol-free 7g of protein and 4g of fiber per serving 98% fat free and a good source of fiber Also available in 8.3 oz and 28 oz can sizes Visit for delicious, popular recipes! BUSH'S Baked Beans Queso-dillas Baked Beans, green peppers and onions blended with Cheddar cheese create quesadillas with ultimate flavor. INGREDIENTS 2 cans (16 oz) BUSH'S Country Style Baked Beans 12 (6-inch) flour tortillas 3 cups shredded Cheddar cheese 1 small white onion, diced 1 green pepper, diced 1 cup prepared salsa 1/2 cup sour cream DIRECTIONS 1. Lay out 6 of the tortillas and sprinkle with cheese, onions, peppers and Baked Beans. Add another layer of cheese and top with remaining tortillas. 2. Cook on warm grill for three minutes on each side or until warm throughout. 3. Serve with sour cream and salsa. Try all BUSH'S different types of beans: BUSH'S Baked Beans BUSH'S Grillin' Beans BUSH'S Chili Beans & Starters BUSH'S Variety Beans BUSH'S Savory Beans BUSH'S Latin-Inspired Beans BUSH'S Organic Beans BUSH'S Reduced Sodium Beans Sharing the Goodness of Beans in the Company of Friends BUSH'S is all about family, friends that feel like family, and a certain Secret Family Recipe. When you enjoy our beans (doesn't matter if they're baked beans, black beans, pinto beans, great northern beans ... you get the picture), you can trust that they're the very best. Because we wouldn't serve your family anything less. Since we got our start over 110 years ago in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, BUSH'S has always maintained that quality is the best policy. We pursue excellence and exceptional taste in our beans, sauces and everything we do. That's why, from mouthwatering Baked Beans to satisfying bean recipes, you're cooking up the best with BUSH'S.


Prepared Navy Beans, Water, Brown Sugar. Contains 2% or less of: Cured Bacon, Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Mustard (Water, Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Paprika, Turmeric), Onion Powder, Caramel Color, Pork Stock, Pork Flavor, Spice, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavor

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